Ed's Part 2B

Part 2B of Form ADV: Brochure Supplement 
Edward S. Kapfhammer 
354 N. Detroit Street 
Xenia, OH 45385 
Spire Wealth Management, LLC 
1840 Michael Faraday Drive 
Suite 105 
Reston, VA 20191 
April 2021 
This brochure supplement provides information about Edward S Kapfhammer that 
supplements the Spire Wealth Management, LLC brochure. You should have received a 
copy of that brochure. Please contact Spire Compliance at 703-657-6060 if you did not 
receive Spire Wealth Management, LLC's brochure, or if you have any questions about 
the contents of this supplement. 
Additional information about Edward S. Kapfhammer is available on the SEC's website 
at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov. 
Item 2 Educational Background and Business Experience 
     Full Legal Name: Edward S. Kapfhammer          Born: 1979 
• Indiana University; BS, Finance; 2002 
     Business Experience 
• American Wealth Management; Investment Adviser Representative; from 02/2018 to 
• Graphic Packaging International; Director of Finance/Human Resources; from 12/2017 
to 01/2018 
• National Carton and Coating Co.; Director of Finance/Human Resources; from 05/2010 
to 11/2017 
Item 3 Disciplinary Information 
Edward S. Kapfhammer has no reportable disciplinary history. 
Item 4 Other Business Activities 
A. Investment-Related Activities 
Edward S. Kapfhammer is also engaged in the following investment-related activities: 
Registered representative of a broker-dealer 
Advisor also carries the securities license required by FINRA (Financial 
Industry Regulatory Authority) in order to offer securities products and 
execute securities transactions separately from their registration as an 
Investment Advisor representative providing investment advice. This 
additional licensing allows our advisors a much more robust suite of 
products to offer to their clients. Registration, supervision and 
continuing education are all requirements for maintaining this type of 
Conflicts of holding this type of license could be in cross-selling. Selling 
out of an advisory account and buying in a securities account and 
thereby generating a commission for the representative. Moving 
monies from an advisory account in order to a affect a commissionable 
The types of commissions that may be earned on these types of 
accounts/products could be any one of the following: 1. Mutual Fund 12b-1 Commissions 
2. Mutual Funds Trail Commissions 
3. Direct Product Sponsor Commissions 
Other investment-related business 
Licensed as an insurance representative allows the advisor to offer various insurance 
products such as Variable Annuities, Life Insurance, and Long Term Care insurance. 
Typically these products generate commission payments to the representatives selling 
the products. The ability to offer these products to clients allows the advisor a much 
more robust suite of products and thereby providing the client with a much more 
comprehensive financial plan. 
B. Non Investment-Related Activities 
Edward S. Kapfhammer is not engaged in any other business or 
occupation that provides substantial compensation or involves a 
substantial amount of his time. 
Item 5 Additional Compensation 
Edward S. Kapfhammer does not receive any economic benefit from a non-advisory client for the 
provision of advisory services. 
Item 6 Supervision 
          Supervisor: Allen Eickelberg 
          Title:  Vice President, Director of Operations 
          Phone Number: 703-657-6070 
In addition to an annual in person review of our firms policies and procedures, 
each advisor is subject to the following ongoing supervision and review: 
1. Daily trade reviews  
2. Monthly review of personal securities accounts  
3. Monthly review of business bank statements of DBAs  
4. Monthly correspondence reviews - including ongoing capture and review of 
5. Periodic reviews of client account activity 

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